THEME: Climate Change, Mitigation, Adaptation, Resilience, Sectoral Developments

Prof. Dr. E. Didem Evci KİRAZ

Dear Participants;

If all sectors are healthy and safe, the health sector will breathe a sigh of relief. The health sector should also improve itself in the face of climate change. The congress will be an essential platform for the health sector to compare itself with other sectors, establish cooperation, and share the experience.

For academics, the congress will show which stage of the relationship between health and climate will affect their work or planning.

Local governments will be able to attend the congress with their most up-to-date work. Currently, all local governments are producing policies to combat climate change.

Students will have the chance to mutually discuss their expectations from city residents, non-governmental organizations, industry, academics, and local governments. Waiting for it is not enough; they will be able to sow the seeds of new projects by saying, “let’s do it together”.

Institutions, organizations, and professionals carrying out national and international health and climate studies will be able to get new perspectives in terms of future planning and sustainability in this congress where all parties come together.

We need you all since resilient societies will survive. Wishing everyone a healthy climate, let’s meet in November 2022.

Prof. Dr. E. Didem Evci Kiraz
President of the Congress Team

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Health Climate Congress
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