Dear User,

ABART AJANS, ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION TRADE. LTD. As ŞTİ, we care about the security of your personal data. This explicit consent text has been prepared in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698.

As stated in our Customer – Participant Clarification Text; your personal data, in order for you to participate in the organization, in order to fulfill our obligations under the contract with the organization that organized the organization; will be processed in accordance with the law and honesty rules. With the user profile you created within the scope of the online organization organized by our company, your identity information (name, surname, TR Identity No, tax number), contact (phone, e-mail address, address), professional experience information (profession), customer transaction (transaction code) ), transaction security information (username, password, IP Address); will be processed by our Company in the capacity of data controller. These personal data are obtained digitally and are stored on the domestic servers of the Company without user intervention. By creating the user profile, you consent to the storage of the personal data subject to this profile on the Company’s domestic servers without user intervention.

In cases where data processing is necessary for the legitimate interest of the Company and/or necessary for the Company to fulfill its obligations; Authorized institutions or organizations, our subsidiaries and/or domestic/foreign business partners, our group companies, our suppliers that we receive services to carry out our activities, the protection of all kinds of personal data that we cooperate with and the prevention of unauthorized access and may be transferred to other third parties who are responsible for taking data security measures, such as preventing unlawful processing.

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Merhaba, Size Nasıl Yardımcı Olabiliriz?